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2009-12-20 Nathan Haug#642088 by afterdark: Brazilian Portuguese translation.
2009-11-24 Janos Feherby Miles and Aries. Hungarian translation for 6.x-3.2
2009-11-12 podarokL.D.O Ukrainian translation for filefield
2009-10-20 Nathan Haug#532066: Moving Quˇbˇcois translations separate from...
2009-10-08 podaroklatest Ukrainian translation from L.D.O
2009-06-26 Terutaka MatsudaUpdated Japanese translations.
2009-06-06 hassGerman translation updated
2009-06-06 hassUpdated POT files
2009-05-31 Nathan Haug#477232 by wulff: Adding Danish translation.
2009-05-29 Nathan Haug#476554 by libeco: Dutch translation.
2009-03-27 Sylvain Moreau415716 : adding french translation (fr.po)
2009-03-16 Magnus Gunnarsson#195713 by seals: Added Swedish translation.
2008-12-14 hassUpdated German translation
2008-12-14 hassUpdated German translation
2008-12-14 hassUpdated German translation
2008-12-14 hassAdded POT files
2008-12-14 hassAdded POT file for translation
2008-11-13 Takafumisome strings were synced with japanese translation...
2008-11-12 Terutaka MatsudaAdded Japanese translation.
2008-10-08 andrew morton#313561 by andreas-emer, German Translation for Version...
2008-09-02 andrew morton#303104 by thesaint_02, German Translation.