#1016072 by doq: module_load_include() loads non-existent file,
[project/filefield.git] / filefield.token.inc
2010-12-06 Nathan Haug#848528 by alexpott: Token replacement filefield-onlyna...
2010-06-17 Nathan HaugSanitizing file names before output in tokens and forma... 6.x-3.4
2009-07-30 andrew mortonFixing some PHP warnings generating tokens.
2009-03-28 Nathan HaugRemoving double quotes from token hooks.
2009-03-28 Nathan HaugCode style cleanup, mostly comments and PHPdoc.
2009-03-28 Nathan HaugAdding $Id$ tag, small comment code style corrections.
2009-03-27 Nathan HaugMoving FileField Token to an .inc file instead of a...