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2011-02-25 The Great Git... Removing translation directories master
2011-02-25 The Great Git... Stripping CVS keywords
2011-01-04 Magnus Gunnarsson#3892300 by Magnus: Imported translation to localizatio...
2010-08-11 Nathan Haug#879114: JavaScript error with IE 7 & 8 when clicking... 6.x-1.2
2010-08-09 Nathan HaugRemoving empty t() function.
2010-08-09 Nathan Haug#830696 by ufku: IMCE integration improvements.
2010-08-09 Nathan Haug#438940 by NaX and quicksketch: Add ability to use...
2010-08-08 Nathan Haug#845378 by isani and quicksketch: Ignore query string...
2010-08-08 Nathan Haug#867280: Follow URL redirects (such as those created...
2010-08-08 Nathan Haug#827652 by hefox and quicksketch: Filefield sources...
2010-08-07 Nathan Haug#843152 by TwoD: warning: Parameter 1 to filefield_vali...
2010-06-17 Nathan Haug#811074: Source fields disappear if the activation... 6.x-1.1
2010-06-17 Nathan Haug#829746: Warning: Missing argument 2 for filefield_edit...
2010-05-01 Nathan HaugAdding Brazilian Portuguese and renaming Swedish transl...
2010-03-30 Magnus Gunnarsson#756738 by G-son: Added Swedish translation.
2010-03-13 Nathan Haug#600888 by antiorario and quicksketch: Autocomplete...
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