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2011-10-27 James SansburyAdding notes for master branch. master
2011-04-30 James Sansbury#1142984: Set the default uid to zero in follow_network... 7.x-1.0-alpha1
2011-04-29 James SansburyExpose the site follow links as a variable to the page...
2011-04-25 James SansburyUpdating README.txt with CSS examples.
2011-03-09 q0rbanRemoving unnecessary files[].
2011-02-25 The Great Git... Stripping CVS keywords
2010-11-16 James Sansbury#959914 by JacobSingh: Pass classes as an array, not...
2010-06-28 James Sansbury#818364: Update the feed icon from 6 Branch.
2010-05-13 James SansburySchema updates have been backported to D6 branch, so...
2010-03-06 James Sansbury#712038 by omissis: Update block caching constansts.
2010-02-09 Rob Loach#695816 by q0rban and Rob Loach: API documentation.
2010-01-12 James Sansbury#676200: Repair block caching so contextual links only...
2010-01-05 James Sansbury#673798 by Rob Loach: Add the ability to change the...
2009-11-04 Peter Wolanin#538172 fix broken install code
2009-11-04 Peter Wolanin#623198 improve CSS class, add feed icon
2009-11-03 Peter Wolanin#538172 better url validation and handling
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