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2013-09-28 Israel ShmueliAdd new folder "my-custom" to contain files with custom... 7.x-2.x 7.x-2.7
2013-06-30 Israel ShmueliIssue #2030203 by racheljcox: Fix #header_menu <li... 7.x-2.6
2013-06-28 Israel ShmueliInside fontfolio.css: Fix again CSS bug related to... 7.x-2.5
2013-06-28 Israel ShmueliIside fontfolio.css: removed duplicate styles for blog... 7.x-2.4
2013-06-28 Israel ShmueliIssue #1991412 by walker2238: Added missing last argume...
2012-12-27 Israel ShmueliIssue #1874796 by javizcaino: in page.tpl.php fix wrong...
2012-11-28 Israel ShmueliIssue #1850388 by red_eye : Modified fontfolio.js to... 7.x-2.3
2012-10-17 unknownIssue #1814716 by nobuyuki3: Make 'no-sidebars' body... 7.x-2.2
2012-10-13 Israel ShmueliAdd views css support and example, make some cleanup... 7.x-2.1
2012-08-18 Israel ShmueliSet max-width to 100% to so no texfield wil get width...
2012-08-16 Israel ShmueliAdd field--image.tpl.php template to deal with all... 7.x-2.0
2012-08-16 Israel ShmueliFix some responsive style issues. 7.x-2.0-alpha2
2012-08-15 Israel ShmueliFix php undefined issue with . 7.x-2.0-alpha1
2012-08-15 Israel ShmueliMajor Change - add Responsive Styles To FontFolio
2012-07-03 Israel ShmueliRemove unnecessary CSS files (fontfolio-fix.css, fontfo...
2012-06-23 Israel ShmueliAdded Documantation to README.txt. Remove Header region...
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