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2011-02-25 The Great Git... Stripping CVS keywords master
2009-11-24 Adam B. RossInitial Commit take 4
2007-10-04 eric FarrisCompatibility with Drupal 6.x 6.x-1.0
2006-12-27 eric Farrisadded file, updated freelinking.module...
2006-06-07 eric Farrisundoing the ugliness of multiple calls to rawurlencode().
2006-05-08 eric FarrisFix for upgrade errors in freelinking.install. Fixes
2006-04-01 eric FarrisAdded freelinking_form_alter() to prepopulate the title...
2006-03-19 eric FarrisImplemented feature request from
2006-02-18 eric Farrischanged installation instructions, now that the schema...
2006-02-18 eric Farrisadded hook_install().
2006-02-03 eric Farrisfreelinking.install -- fixed bad code, as reported in
2006-01-22 eric Farris* CHANGELOG.txt -- must keep up the changelog. I've...
2005-12-31 eric FarrisUmm, *actually* removing the _freelinking_create_new_li...
2005-12-31 eric FarrisChanges in drupal_goto() broke freelinking_page()....
2005-12-13 eric FarrisSome changes based on use on
2005-12-12 eric FarrisRemoving the DROP TABLE. In anticipation of a better...
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