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2012-11-03 Dave Cohenby Dave Cohen: fridge.module is deprecated. Use module... master
2012-09-26 Dave Cohenfacebook changed application fql table, removed canvas_...
2012-03-16 Dave Cohenby Dave Cohen: introducing some support for facebook...
2012-03-16 Dave Cohenby Dave Cohen: moved post features to their own module...
2011-06-01 Dave Cohenmisc fixes
2011-06-01 Dave Cohennumerous fixes!
2011-06-01 Dave CohenPHP warning
2011-05-31 Dave Cohenadmin interface for specifying application
2011-02-01 Dave CohenOngoing development of fridge.module
2011-01-27 Dave CohenRestoring latest fridge module
2011-01-25 Dave CohenWhoops. Checked in too soon. Previous checkin not...
2011-01-25 Dave CohenOriginal implementation of "post to facebook". work...
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