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last changeWed, 23 Mar 2011 01:50:27 +0000
2011-03-23 Frank Febbraroadded more documentation master 6.x-1.1
2011-03-23 Frank Febbrarorefined tag processing, added unit tests
2011-03-18 Frank Febbrarofirst crack at solving the ordering issue, releases...
2011-03-04 Eugen Mayerfixing missin breaks
2011-03-04 blackice2999recreate feature...
2011-03-04 blackice2999changed name convention from svm to sourcecode
2011-03-04 blackice2999changed scm to sourcecode naming
2011-03-04 blackice2999added packaging method and scm url to project release...
2011-03-04 blackice2999changed fixed callback names to new drush command hook...
2011-03-04 blackice2999fixed multiple api version usage if path fserver/MACHIN...
2011-03-04 rootfixing wrong regexp for .info file scanning for packaging
2011-03-04 blackice2999added alter to fserver_cck_options
2011-03-04 Steven JonesCorrectly retrieve the commit message and timestamp...
2011-03-04 Josh OldenburgAdded '/' to 'add new release' link between first part...
2011-03-04 Josh OldenburgAdded nid to end of 'add new release' link
2011-03-04 Josh OldenburgOops. Got an extra 'x' in the info
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