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[project/gallery.git] / INSTALL.txt
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c15e9178 3HELP
7f21438b 5For more help, check out: http://drupal.galleryembedded.com
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c15e9178 7Requirements
7f21438b 9Gallery2.1 (or above) installed and working (see http://gallery.menalto.com)
c15e9178 10Image Block module installed and activated in Gallery2
11Image Frame module installed and activated in Gallery2
7f21438b 12Drupal 4.7
c15e9178 13gallery.module
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7f21438b 15Note that this module does not provide any photo/album functions itelf, but uses
16Gallery2 (http://gallery.menalto.com) to provide this functionality.
c15e9178 18Installation Instructions
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c15e9178 211. Install Gallery 2.1 and Drupal 4.7 (see their respective installation
22 documents).
7f21438b 24 ***Warning*** - Do not name your Gallery2 directory "gallery", call it something else
c15e9178 25 (eg "gallery2"). Calling it "gallery" will cause a conflict with the Drupal gallery.module
26 as Drupal assumes that http://www.example.com/gallery refers to the Drupal module.
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c15e9178 282. Ensure that "Image Block" and "Image Frame" modules are installed and activated in Gallery2.
7f21438b 29 Check them in the non-embedded Gallery. See
30 http://codex.gallery2.org/index.php/Gallery2:Download for instructions to download it
c15e9178 31 if it was not included in your installation.
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7f21438b 333. Log out of Gallery2 (non-embedded) - people have reported errors relating to sessions if this
34 is not done.
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c15e9178 364. Copy the entire gallery module directory to your drupal modules/ directory.
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c15e9178 385. Enable the gallery module in administer -> modules in your drupal
39 installation.
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c15e9178 416. Go to administer -> settings -> gallery and enter the URI of Gallery2.
c79b40e9 42 Leave "autodetect" selected and click "Save configuration". A series of tests will run to check
43 if everything is OK. There is a HELP link.
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c15e9178 457. Enable the "Gallery Block" in administer -> blocks, and optionally the "Gallery Navigation"
55260521 46 block and the "Gallery Grid Block".
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c15e9178 48Optional Steps
c15e9178 50
7f21438b 51 1. Sidebar. Go to your Gallery2 site admin and include the blocks you want in the sidebar
52 (under Themes). I use "Item Actions" and "Album Quick Links (DHTML)". To use
53 the latter you need to have installed the Album Select module.
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7f21438b 55 2. URL Rewrite.
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7f21438b 57 3. g2image. If you install g2image http://g2image.steffensenfamily.com as either a standalone or
005a5769 58 TinyMCE plugin you will have an excellent image chooser for Drupal/Gallery2. The
c79b40e9 59 configuration is automatic when you hit the "Save configuration' button on the gallery
60 settings page.
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c15e9178 62Troubleshooting
7f21438b 64See http://drupal.galleryembedded.com
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