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[project/gallery.git] / gallery_help.inc
1 <?php
2 // $Id$
4 /**
5 * gallery.module : gallery_help.inc
6 * Help info
7 */
9 /**
10 * Implementation of hook_help
11 */
12 function _gallery_help($section) {
14 switch($section) {
15 case 'filter#short-tip' :
16 return gallery_filter_short_tip_translated();
17 case 'filter#long-tip' :
18 return gallery_filter_long_tip_translated();
19 case 'admin/help#gallery':
20 $output = t('
21 <h3>Online Documentation</h3>
22 <p>Complete documentation can be found on the <a href="http://drupal.galleryembedded.com">wiki</a>.</p>
23 <h3>Settings</h3>
24 <h4>Directory Settings</h4>
25 <p>"URI of Gallery2" is the URI of the Gallery2 standalone location. Path from docroot to the directory main.php is located. Protocol / host name are both optional. Examples: /gallery2/, /sub/gallery2/, http://photos.example.com/,
26 www.example.com/photos/main.php</p>
27 <p>"Location of Gallery2" is the path of your gallery2 installation, either absolute (starts with "/") or relative to your Drupal installation directory. Normally this is auto-detected, but in case this fails you can turn off auto-detection and manually enter a value.</p>
28 <p>"Embed URI" is the URI needed to access Gallery2 through Drupal. This will end in \'?q=gallery\' (non-clean URLs) or \'gallery\' (clean URLs). Normally this is auto-detected, but in case this fails you can turn off auto-detection and manually enter a value.</p>
29 <p>Some examples:</p>
30 <p>Example 1: If your directory structure and website structure is
31 <ul>
32 <li>Drupal dir: /var/www/web/html/</li>
33 <li>Gallery dir: /var/www/web/html/gallery2/</li>
34 <li>Website URL: http://www.example.com</li>
35 <li>Standalone Gallery2 URL: http://www.example.com/gallery2/</li>
36 <li>Then<ul>
37 <li>"URI of Gallery2" = "/gallery2/" or "http://www.example.com/gallery2/"</li>
38 <li>"Location of Gallery2" = "gallery2/" or "/var/www/web/html/gallery2/"</li>
39 <li>"Embed URI" = "?q=gallery" or "http://www.example.com/?q=gallery"</li>
40 </ul>
41 </ul>
42 </p><p>Example 2: If your directory structure and website structure is
43 <ul>
44 <li>Drupal dir: /var/www/web/html/drupal/</li>
45 <li>Gallery dir: /var/www/web/html/gallery2/</li>
46 <li>Website URL: http://www.example.com/drupal</li>
47 <li>Standalone Gallery2 URL: http://www.example.com/gallery2/</li>
48 <li>Then<ul>
49 <li>"URI of Gallery2" = "/gallery2/" or "http://www.example.com/gallery2/"</li>
50 <li>"Location of Gallery2" = "../gallery2/" or "/var/www/web/html/gallery2/"</li>
51 <li>"Embed URI" = "/drupal/?q=gallery" or "http://www.example.com/drupal/?q=gallery"</li>
52 </ul>
53 </ul>
54 </p><p>Example 3: If your directory structure and website structure is
55 <ul>
56 <li>Drupal dir: /var/www/web/html/drupal/</li>
57 <li>Gallery dir: /var/www/web/html/someotherdir/gallery2/</li>
58 <li>Website URL: http://www.example.com/</li>
59 <li>Standalone Gallery2 URL: http://www.anotherexample.com/gallery2/</li>
60 <li>Then<ul>
61 <li>"URI of Gallery2" = "http://www.anotherexample.com/gallery2/"</li>
62 <li>"Location of Gallery2" = "/var/www/web/html/someotherdir/gallery2/"</li>
63 <li>"Embed URI" = "/drupal/?q=gallery" or "http://www.example.com/drupal/?q=gallery"</li>
64 </ul>
65 </ul>
66 </p>
67 <h4>Full Name settings</h4>
68 <p>Drupal does not have in-built support for full names but Gallery 2 does. If you would like full names in both then you can install profile.module in Drupal and define a "full name" field. Include the name of that field here. You can enable/disable this functionality at will, but it may leave some users with different full names in their Drupal and Gallery users, so it is not recommended.</p>
69 <h4>Search settings</h4>
70 <p>You can select how many items are returned per Gallery2 module. You can also specify whether thumbnails should be returned, and if so, how they should be formatted.</p>
71 <h4>Error Logging settings</h4>
72 <p>You can choose whether errors occuring in this module are logged in the watchdog, displayed in the browser, or both.</p>
73 ');
74 $output .= _gallery_g2image_help();
75 return $output;
76 case 'admin/settings/gallery':
77 return t('');
78 /* Used in the default value for the pages list in g2image settings */
79 case 'admin/settings/gallery_g2image#pages':
80 return "node/*\ncomment/*";
81 }
82 }
84 function gallery_filter_short_tip_translated() {
85 return t('You may link to Gallery2 items on this site <a href="@explanation-url">using a special syntax</a>.', array ('@explanation-url' => url('filter/tips', NULL, 'filter-gallery-0')));
86 }
88 function gallery_filter_long_tip_translated() {
89 $prefix = variable_get("gallery_filter_prefix", "G2");
91 return t('
92 <p><strong>Gallery2 Filter:</strong></p>
94 <p>You can link to items in your embedded Gallery2 using a special code. This code will be replaced by a thumbnail image that is linked to the actual item in your Gallery. </p>
96 <p><em>Syntax:</em></p>
98 <blockquote><code>
99 ['. $prefix .':<em>item_id</em> n=<em>number</em> type=<em>type</em> size=<em>number</em> class=<em>name</em> frame=<em>name</em> album_frame=<em>name</em> item_frame=<em>name</em>]
100 </code></blockquote>
102 <ul><li>item_id (required): This is the item ID from Gallery2. If you look at the URL of the item, this is the last number. <em>Note that if the item_id is a single photo, n must be 1.</em></li>
104 <li>n (suggested): This is the number of photos you want the block to show. It will override whatever is set in the defaults (initially 1). Note: this will change past instances where you did not set n -- the reason for its suggested use.</li>
106 <li>type: The default type of gallery block. Any of the following may be used: <em>randomImage, recentImage, viewedImage, randomAlbum, recentAlbum, viewedAlbum, dailyImage, weeklyImage, monthlyImage, dailyAlbum, weeklyAlbum, monthlyAlbum, specificItem. </em> Note that for n=1, selectedItem is automatically chosen regardless of this parameter.</li>
108 <li>class: The block that Gallery2 returns is wrapped in a DIV so additional styling can be done. The classes for this DIV are located in g2_filter.css. Included with the module are "left", "right", and "nowrap". These position the image block to the left or right or on a line all its own with the text not wrapping. You can also add your own class(es) to the CSS file and they will automatically be available.</li>
110 <li>size: The length of the longest side for the thumbnail. The other side is determined automatically to keep the same aspect ratio.</li>
112 <li>frame/album_frame/item_frame: You can use just "frame" to assign a frame to the thumbnail regardless of whether it\'s for an album or a single item. Using aframe will only affect albums and iframe will only affect single items. Frames included with the default Gallery 2 install are: bamboo, book, brand , dots, flicking, gold, gold2, polaroid, polaroids, shadow, shells, slide, solid, notebook, wood.</li></ul>');
113 }
115 function _gallery_g2image_help() {
116 return t('
117 <h3>Gallery Image Assist (g2image)</h3>
118 <p>Support for <a href="http://g2image.steffensenfamily.com">g2image</a> in either Standalone or TinyMCE is available to simplify adding images already in your Gallery2 albums into your Drupal nodes.</p>
119 <p>Caution: By default, Drupal uses the \'Filtered HTML\' input format for adding content to the site and the default settings cause the &lt;img&gt; tags added by g2image to be removed. Check the TinyMCE documentation for instructions on how to avoid this.</p>');
120 }
122 ?>