Updating instructions.
[project/gallery.git] / INSTALL.txt
2006-10-15 kiz_0987Updating instructions.
2006-09-30 kiz_0987Update install instructions for "access gallery" permis...
2006-05-04 kiz_0987Changed INSTALL.txt to remove inclusion of css from...
2006-04-15 kiz_0987Added gallery grid block.
2006-03-27 kiz_0987#55834 - 'submit' -> 'Save configuration'
2006-03-25 kiz_0987Updated g2image settings to include new g2_filter prefi...
2006-03-24 kiz_0987Initial Gallery2.1 compatible module for Drupal 4.7
2005-09-11 James Walkerseveral updates from bharat:
2005-01-31 James Walkerinitial commit of the gallery2 integration module