- task: coding style and docs update
[project/gallery.git] / gallery_help.inc
2007-09-10 Thilo Wawrzik- task: coding style and docs update
2007-05-05 kiz_0987Cleaned up the Gallery Filter options (more consistent...
2007-04-25 Thilo Wawrzik- task: fix some wording issues on the admin pages
2007-04-23 Thilo Wawrzik- task: rework of image/grid block code
2007-03-19 Axel Kollmorgen[ported from DRUPAL-4-7] added a missing closing <...
2006-12-31 kiz_0987#105811 - Fixed t('') calls with '%' in them. Hopefully...
2006-11-15 kiz_0987Syncing HEAD with DRUPAL-5.
2006-03-24 kiz_0987Initial Gallery2.1 compatible module for Drupal 4.7