- task: increase size of 'link' field for blocks
[project/gallery.git] / gallery_user_admin.inc
2007-05-29 Thilo Wawrzik- feature: uninstall support for blocks
2007-05-09 Thilo Wawrzik- feature: add 'any error' option to user status filter
2007-05-08 Thilo Wawrzik- task: cleanup user status code (and filter)
2007-05-08 kiz_0987User status page filter.
2007-05-05 kiz_0987Cleaned up the Gallery Filter options (more consistent...
2007-04-26 Thilo Wawrzik- task: rework of gallery search code (incl. new features)
2007-04-25 Thilo Wawrzik- task: fix some wording issues on the admin pages
2007-04-23 Thilo Wawrzik- task: cosmetic changes in user administration
2007-04-23 Thilo Wawrzik- task: sync with latest Drupal-5 branch changes
2007-02-24 Thilo Wawrzik- initial checkin of version 2 of the gallery module...