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2008-05-13 Morbus Iff*** empty log message *** master
2008-05-13 Morbus Iff*** empty log message ***
2008-05-13 Morbus IffRemoving old files.
2006-06-12 aaronwinbornchangelog & minor help text
2006-06-12 aaronwinbornshow game title from settings in game library description
2006-04-25 Morbus IffMultipage chargen switched to single.
2006-04-20 Morbus IffGah, don't have time to finish this right now. Committi...
2006-04-19 Morbus Iffclasses/ added, thanks to Aaron Winborn.
2006-04-19 Morbus IffCharacter classes added, and some more shifting of...
2006-04-19 Morbus IffZombies are now not only human.
2006-04-19 Morbus IffMoving zombie and vampire to classes, where they belong.
2006-04-19 Morbus IffFinal improvements and integration to hover tooltips.
2006-04-13 Morbus IffMissing brackets, thanks to Cvbge.
2006-04-13 Morbus IffAdded tooltips to chargen screen.
2006-04-13 Morbus IffTooltip API finished. Full integration shortly.
2006-04-13 Morbus IffFinal tweaks to CSS and JS; now to work on API to use it.
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