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last changeWed, 12 Feb 2014 09:48:41 +0000
2014-02-12 Eduardo RiescoGeoServer UI submodule added to Geodata package in... 7.x-1.x
2014-01-14 friedjoffCheck if GeoServer is responding on login and improve... 7.x-1.3
2014-01-10 Eduardo RiescoGeoServer module added to Geodata package in module...
2014-01-07 Eduardo RiescoIssue #2146507. Geoserver makes bad call to watchdog... 7.x-1.2
2013-12-18 friedjoffMore meaningful log messages for POST and PUT requests.
2013-11-21 friedjoffChange error message to watchdog error if cookie file... 7.x-1.1
2013-11-21 friedjoffRemove development output.
2013-10-29 friedjoffIssue #2017637: Match all possible CSS id charachters.
2013-10-18 friedjoffAllow login without access to GeoServer web interface.
2013-10-18 friedjoffCreate result object only after error checking.
2013-08-20 friedjoffAdd watchdog entry if list of workspaces is unavailable.
2013-08-20 friedjoffUse textfield if list of workspaces is unavailable.
2013-08-20 friedjoffEnable logout when GeoServer is not available.
2013-08-05 friedjoffAdd GeoServer workspace to cookiefile.
2013-07-08 Nico Manderyuser the processes uid instead of the files uid for... 7.x-1.0
2013-07-03 friedjoffAdd PHP User-ID to GeoServer session file. 7.x-1.0-rc1
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