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2010-04-12 Christian Gnoth*** empty log message ***
2010-04-12 Christian Gnothby christiangnoth: z-index changed to 10 for IE
2010-04-11 Christian Gnothby christiangnoth: ISSUE Validation fixed; Validation... 6.x-3.7
2010-04-11 Christian Gnothby christiangnoth: double entry for header region removed
2010-04-05 Christian Gnothby christiangnoth: design changes 6.x-3.6
2009-08-10 Christian Gnoth*** empty log message *** 6.x-3.5
2009-08-10 Christian Gnothby christiangnoth: footer link changed
2009-07-23 Christian Gnotherror fixed by christiangnoth: missing files - images... 6.x-3.4
2009-07-23 Christian Gnothby christiangnoth: images and rotate.php for news headline
2009-07-23 Christian Gnothunused file
2009-07-20 Christian Gnothremoved unused files
2009-07-20 Christian Gnothby christiangnoth: theme footer link changed
2009-07-09 Christian Gnothphp source code files removed
2009-07-09 Christian Gnothby christiangnoth: error fixed 6.x-3.1
2009-07-09 Christian Gnothfeature added by christiangnoth: bottom bars added 6.x-3.0
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