Stripping CVS keywords
[project/google_analytics.git] / googleanalytics.module
2011-02-25 The Great Git Migr... Stripping CVS keywords
2011-02-07 hassSync 7.x-1.1 to HEAD
2011-01-12 hassAllow comparison of the same path with different case.
2011-01-07 hass#1017384 by Dave Reid: Fix use of token_replace()
2011-01-05 hassToken stuff is in core and token module is not required...
2011-01-02 hass#1012698 by hass: Coder review, D7 upgrade review
2011-01-02 hass#609892 by joetsuihk, hass, bec, jmesam: Added Multiple...
2010-12-25 hassD7 Core API change - added JS grouping.
2010-10-29 hass#566656: Can't segment anonymous users
2010-10-24 hassD7 upgrade: rmdir() -> drupal_rmdir()
2010-10-23 hass#946550 by JacobSingh, hass: Revert to drupal_add_js()
2010-10-20 hassFixed a comment talking about hook_footer that is gone...
2010-10-09 hassUse drupal_hash_base64() for md5().
2010-10-09 hassUse file_unmanaged_delete in clear_js_cache()
2010-10-09 hassReturned URLs are wrong
2010-10-09 hassdummy query-string
2010-10-09 hassDefault to header
2010-10-09 hassDirectory already exists, no need to create.
2010-10-09 hassSync piwik_cron with ga_cron
2010-10-09 hassFixed wrong variable
2010-10-09 hassAdded purge watchdog.
2010-10-06 hass#931842: WSOD with search module (search_get_keys(...
2010-10-01 hass#848350 by hass: Disabling user tracker in user/edit...
2010-10-01 hass#928360: Warning: rmdir(), check if directory exists
2010-09-30 hass#477830 by hass: Refactored local file caching and...
2010-09-30 hassReuse variables
2010-09-30 hassAdded missing period
2010-09-30 hass#924256: Added dummy query-string to ga.js to gain...
2010-08-28 hassAdded a FIXME comment that this is only an interim...
2010-08-28 hass#811156 by hass: Found some people reporting that _gaq...
2010-06-07 hass#270819: Change documentation
2010-06-07 hass#270819: Ignore visibility filters for 404 or 403 statu...
2010-06-06 hass#811156: Add anonymize visitors IP address setting...
2010-06-03 hass#648284 by hass: Support for Asynchronous Tracking
2010-06-03 hass#812606: Change the way how JS is attached in hook_page...
2010-06-03 hass- #679404: don't run profile specific code if no fields...
2010-05-31 hass#789326 by Gábor, hass: Drupal 7-ize the UI and fix...
2010-05-31 hassChanged author
2010-05-31 hass#814334: JS code not attached to scopes
2010-05-28 hassCleanup: Moved hook_requirements into .install file
2010-05-04 hass#788392 by Gábor: hook_perm() name not updated
2010-01-27 hass#695998: Broken links
2009-10-17 hassFix custom user settings for hook_user revamp
2009-10-17 hasshook_footer() is gone, upgrade code.
2009-10-17 hassFix one drupal_add_js() not upgraded to D7
2009-10-17 hass* Add stream wrapper / public folder support
2009-10-17 hassAdded file back to menu links
2009-10-17 hassdrupal_to_js() has been renamed to drupal_json_encode().
2009-08-22 hass#545886 by hass: update extension list to piwik defaults
2009-04-01 hassName the user setting checkbox always "Enable user...
2009-03-29 hassDynamic title and description for user opt-in/-out...
2009-03-08 hass#347359: AdSense reports integration with Google Analytics
2009-01-13 hass#357944: Tracking code updated (Google added try/catch).
2008-12-16 hassFixed typos in file functions taken over from modules...
2008-12-16 hassFixed typo in delete function
2008-11-28 hassUpgraded to D7
2008-11-27 hassSync HEAD with latest code
2008-08-07 hass#274873: followup, _initData() is deprecated.
2008-05-17 hassSync latest D6 code to HEAD
2007-09-21 hassSync HEAD with latest D6 changes
2007-09-21 hasssync HEAD with latest D5 version
2007-01-18 Mike Carterno message
2006-11-21 Mike CarterRemoved newline at end of file.
2006-11-21 Mike CarterApplied changes for 5.0 as mentioned in
2006-10-15 Mike CarterAdded advanced code snippet textarea.
2006-09-12 Mike CarterApplied changes for Drupal 5 -
2006-08-15 Mike CarterNow all Urchin script code appears in the HTML footer...
2006-06-04 Mike CarterNow uses https://ssl. to connect to google when the...
2006-05-31 Mike CarterDisable tracking for certiain user roles -
2006-04-13 Mike CarterFixed including of external JavaScript.
2006-04-05 Mike CarterComment fix
2006-04-05 Mike CarterMoved JavaScript to footer of pages as suggested by...
2006-03-01 Mike Carter4.7 form api and drupal_add_js() use
2006-03-01 Mike Carter4.6 edition 4.6.x-1.x
2006-02-14 Mike CarterInitial commit of google_analytics.module