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last changeThu, 9 Aug 2012 16:56:04 +0000
2012-08-09 Gábor HojtsyFixes based on usability feedback 7.x-1.x 7.x-1.0-alpha2
2012-08-09 Gábor HojtsyAdd clearing to first element to avoid height issues...
2012-08-09 Gábor HojtsyIntroduce a 'first' marker class, since the layout...
2012-08-01 Gábor HojtsyImplement CSS generation for fixed grids, add grid... 7.x-1.0-alpha1
2012-07-31 Gábor HojtsyAllow defining a separate span prefix to allow to apply...
2012-07-30 Gábor HojtsyMake space skipping configurable. Slightly more flexibl...
2012-07-30 Gábor HojtsyIgnore gutter and padding for now given the current...
2012-07-27 Gábor HojtsyAdd CSS generator to generate CSS for fluid width layou...
2012-07-27 Gábor HojtsyFirst version of grid builder module
18 months ago 8.x-1.0-alpha1
20 months ago 7.x-1.0-alpha2
20 months ago 7.x-1.0-alpha1
18 months ago 8.x-1.x
18 months ago fancyui
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