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last changeSun, 29 Jul 2012 18:18:24 +0000
2012-07-29 Maurits LawendeIssue #1674742: Fix Hansel domain breadcrumb action. master
2012-07-29 Maurits LawendeIssue #1482094: Add request uri switch
2012-03-05 Maurits LawendeDo not touch the menu item when on an 403 or 404 page
2012-02-20 Maurits LawendeAdd configuration option to add parents breadcrumb...
2012-02-20 Maurits LawendeFix issue in action config forms handling: Forms were...
2012-01-23 Maurits LawendeFix wrong variablenames introduced by tokken functionality
2012-01-10 Maurits Lawendeby mauritsl: Add the ability to set the active menu...
2012-01-09 Maurits Lawendeby mauritsl: Add integration with the panels module...
2012-01-09 Maurits Lawendeby mauritsl: Add configurable parents per nodetype...
2011-12-15 Maurits Lawendeby mauritsl: Add "add parents" breadcrumb action and...
2011-12-07 Maurits LawendeIssue #1280414 by Maune: translate taxonomy terms with... 6.x-1.3
2011-12-07 Maurits LawendeIssue #1306138 by FreekyMage: translate name of nodetype
2011-12-07 Maurits LawendeIssue #1320600: Update documentation to reflect latest...
2011-12-07 Maurits LawendeIssue #1276752 by adamdicarlo, mauritsl: Add switch...
2011-08-08 Maurits Lawendeby mauritsl: Handle frontpage path correctly on test tab
2011-08-08 Maurits Lawendeby mauritsl: Add support for <front> rule to url argume...
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