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2011-02-25 The Great Git... Stripping CVS keywords master
2010-08-24 James Sansbury#868482: Add highslide formatters using image descripti...
2010-08-24 James SansburyRepair path to fullexpand.gif in highslide.css.
2010-08-24 James SansburyRemoving font-family styling from the highslide class.
2010-08-24 James SansburySpecifying magnifier.png for the zoom in cursor.
2010-08-24 James SansburyUpdating drush command to work with latest Drush.
2010-03-11 James SansburyAdd CVS ID tag to highslide.js.
2010-03-11 James SansburyAdd context to highslide behavior.
2010-02-11 James SansburyAdd a crossfade transition when using arrow keys.
2010-01-30 James SansburyAdding drush command for downloading highslide JS.
2009-12-29 James SansburyAllow for using Image Title and Alt text for captions.
2009-12-22 James SansburyRestore arrow key navigation for highslide images.
2009-12-17 James SansburyMove all jquery inside Drupal.behaviors to honor AJAX...
2009-12-04 James SansburyChange from using a div to a span on the highslide...
2009-12-03 James Sansbury#649750: Repair hook_insert_content() callback to use... 6.x-1.2
2009-12-02 James SansburyClean out of package info. 6.x-1.1
4 years ago 6.x-1.2
4 years ago 6.x-1.1
5 years ago 6.x-1.0
3 years ago 6.x-1.x
3 years ago master
6 years ago 5.x-1.x