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2014-01-15 ptsimard[#2118627] Use ['redirect'] instead of drupal_goto... 7.x-2.x 7.x-2.0-beta7
2013-11-30 catch#2118627: Use ['redirect'] instead of drupal_goto(...
2013-11-30 ptsimard#2136713: Fix syntax error
2013-11-30 catch#2146639: Allow cloning of homeboxes
2013-08-09 JaakkoL[#1167978] Error Editing Profile Type
2013-08-09 lostkangaroo[#1915916] Blocks built with homebox settings forms...
2013-08-06 Neil Drumm[#2048873] Remove overly-static styling on homebox...
2013-05-07 SteffenRIssue #1979994 by SteffenR: Fixed Layout not saved...
2012-06-23 Neil Drumm[#1619952] use flexible titles on confirm page
2012-06-22 briankpeterson[#1253696] Fix custom blocks for D7
2012-06-19 Neil DrummPartially revert last commit, column count classes...
2012-06-07 Neil DrummCleanup from [#1300656], default widths are set inline.
2012-06-07 Neil DrummCleanup: more straightforward documentation.
2012-06-07 Neil DrummCleanup: remove TODO redundant with issue queue.
2012-06-07 Neil DrummCleanup: remove CHANGELOG redundant with release notes...
2012-06-06 Neil Drumm[#1619952] Allow flexible titles for user homeboxes
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