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last changeThu, 24 May 2007 15:20:34 +0000
2007-05-24 andrew mortonRemoving stuff from HEAD, development will happen in... master
2007-05-24 andrew mortonKarenS posted an update to #140599
2007-05-18 andrew morton#140599 Making HTMLTidy work in Drupal 5.x
2006-08-18 andrew morton- Fixed some PHP4 problems, apparently you can't use...
2006-08-09 andrew morton- Pretty heavy rewrite. There was lots broken in the...
2006-07-21 andrew morton- Removed code to install binary file.
2006-04-03 Dan MorrisonHide the backport from 4.7 to avoid redeclarations
2006-04-03 Dan MorrisonUntangling the tagging. Trying to get the hybrid workin...
2006-04-03 Dan MorrisonChanged my debug calls (supported only by my devel...
2006-04-03 Dan MorrisonChanged my debug calls (supported only by my devel...
2006-02-26 Dan MorrisonMissed an update. Adapted directory-detection to be...
2006-02-26 Dan Morrison4.6 didn't display the admin/settings help as promised...
2006-02-26 Dan MorrisonJust made a placeholder directory as a hint on where...
2006-02-26 Dan Morrisonthe backport module is totally not compatable with...
2006-02-26 Dan MorrisonMigrated to 4.7.
2006-02-26 Dan MorrisonCommiting this as 4.6 ready. Last known good before...
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