Lots of updates for 4.7
[project/i18n.git] / i18n.inc
2006-04-24 Jose ReyeroLots of updates for 4.7
2006-01-31 Jose ReyeroLots of updates for 4.7, still WIP
2005-12-03 Jose ReyeroUpdating for Drupal HEAD -Forms API
2005-08-20 Jose ReyeroUpdated for Drupal-HEAD
2005-08-01 Jose ReyeroSyncing with 4.6, to start development in sync with...
2005-04-11 Jose Reyero- Fixed bug drupal.org/node/20305 (pgsql typo)
2005-03-26 Jose Reyero- Added some logic in query rewriting functions to...
2005-02-03 Jose ReyeroFixed i18n.mysql
2005-02-02 Jose ReyeroUpdated for Drupal HEAD
2004-12-02 Jose ReyeroNew i18n
2004-09-24 Jose ReyeroSome bug fixes
2004-07-31 Bčr KesselsUpdated according to patches and description on drupal...
2004-04-06 Jose ReyeroChanged options in conf file
2004-04-05 Jose ReyeroRepackaging: placed all the files under modules/i18n
2004-02-15 Jose Reyeroi18n release 1.0