Removing translation directories
[project/i18n.git] / patches /
2006-02-18 Jose ReyeroUpdated the includes patch which applied but needed...
2005-12-01 Jose ReyeroUpdated patch for Drupal 4.6.4
2005-06-13 Jose Reyerosome problem with latest patches
2005-06-13 Jose Reyero- Fixed some minor bugs
2005-05-16 Jose ReyeroUpdated includes patch
2005-04-24 Jose ReyeroPreparing 4.6 release
2005-04-21 Jose ReyeroFixed patch
2005-04-16 Jose ReyeroUpdated patches for 4.6
2005-04-11 Jose Reyero- Fixed bug (pgsql typo)
2005-03-26 Jose Reyero- Added some logic in query rewriting functions to...
2005-03-21 Karoly NegyesiUpdated patches to HEAD. Changed default i18n_supported...
2005-02-04 Karoly NegyesiUpdate to HEAD
2005-02-03 Jose ReyeroFixed i18n.mysql
2005-02-02 Jose ReyeroUpdated for Drupal HEAD
2005-01-24 Jose ReyeroReworked init system, updated patches
2005-01-07 Jose ReyeroPatched for NK's node query patch
2005-01-07 Jose ReyeroRemoved previous node.module patch
2004-12-25 Jose ReyeroFixed module_init hook issue
2004-12-07 Jose ReyeroFixed some bugs, changed some config options, added...
2004-12-02 Jose ReyeroNew i18n