Removing translation directories
[project/i18n.git] / CHANGELOG.txt
2011-02-25 The Great Git Migr... Stripping CVS keywords
2010-05-25 Jose Reyero- Fixed: translation node_nid and term_tid SQL improper...
2008-11-17 Jose Reyero- Backported mixed selection from 6.x, renamed 'preferr...
2008-08-08 Jose Reyero- Added new 'preferred' language selection option,...
2008-08-07 Jose Reyero- Wrapped functions with conditional function_exists...
2008-07-23 Jose ReyeroLots of bug fixes and some small features: 5.x-2.4
2008-04-28 Jose Reyero- Fixed typo in INSTALL.txt by serkanarikusu, #206172
2008-04-28 Jose Reyero- Fixed synchronization warning on content type by...
2008-04-04 Jose ReyeroFixed missing dependency on ttext module,
2007-02-03 Jose ReyeroImplemented: language switch after user login
2007-01-29 Jose Reyero- Added language tracking in session
2006-12-14 Jose ReyeroUpgrading:
2006-12-03 Jose ReyeroContinue upgrade
2005-08-20 Jose ReyeroUpdated for Drupal-HEAD
2005-08-01 Jose ReyeroSyncing with 4.6, to start development in sync with...
2005-04-11 Jose Reyero- Fixed bug (pgsql typo)
2005-03-26 Jose Reyero- Added some logic in query rewriting functions to...
2005-02-03 Jose ReyeroFixed i18n.mysql
2005-02-02 Jose ReyeroUpdated for Drupal HEAD
2005-01-24 Jose ReyeroReworked init system, updated patches
2005-01-06 Jose ReyeroFixed bug with i18n_frontpage variable name
2004-12-08 Jose ReyeroUpdated documentation
2004-12-07 Jose ReyeroFixed some bugs, changed some config options, added...
2004-12-02 Jose ReyeroNew i18n
2004-11-10 Jose ReyeroPreparing for 4.5.0 release
2004-09-24 Jose ReyeroSome bug fixes