2007-10-30 Jose ReyeroFixed several issues: 5.x-2.2
2007-09-12 Morten Wulffadding Danish translation
2007-09-12 Morten Wulffupdating Danish translation
2007-09-12 Morten Wulffadding Danish translation
2007-09-12 Morten Wulffadding Danish translation
2007-09-12 Morten Wulffupdating Danish translation
2007-08-10 Konstantin... fixed de.po
2007-08-03 Fernando SilvaTemplate updated
2007-08-03 Fernando SilvaTranslation for Portuguese (Portugal)
2007-06-21 Jose ReyeroAdded translation of /node/x/path to /node/y/path
2007-06-18 Derek Wright#152819: Module .info files should not define 'version...
2007-06-13 Jose ReyeroAdded NAT (Node As Term) support. NAT terms created...
2007-06-06 Jose Reyero+ Added autocomplete for selecting node translations...
2007-06-04 Jose ReyeroExtended synchronization module:
2007-05-22 Jose ReyeroOne more bugfix in the evil taxonomy queries. Terms...
2007-05-22 Jose ReyeroFixed query with taxonomy synchronization, causing...
2007-05-18 Jose ReyeroImplemented simple synchronization for node fields...
2007-05-16 Jose ReyeroFixed issue with menu items for nodes not being created...
2007-05-09 Jose ReyeroUkrainian flag submitted by yasenp
2007-05-03 Jose Reyero+ Extended i18n_variable_init to retrieve subsets of...
2007-05-03 Jose ReyeroFixed some bugs: 5.x-2.1
2007-04-25 Jose ReyeroFixed #139132, issue with cacheable views filter.
2007-04-21 Jose ReyeroFixed #126369, path source not working with languages
2007-04-11 Jose ReyeroFixed duplicated menu items issue
2007-04-09 Alexander Mikhailian*** empty log message ***
2007-04-05 Jose ReyeroFixed typo and some issue with nodeasblock block titles
2007-04-03 Jose ReyeroReorganizing modules and folders 5.x-2.0
2007-04-03 Jose ReyeroFixed some small issues
2007-04-02 Jose ReyeroFixed a pair bugs with nodeasblock integration
2007-04-02 Jose ReyeroAdded one more parameter in i18n form_alter for i18nblo...
2007-04-02 Jose ReyeroNew i18nblocks module with nodeasblock -patch pending...
2007-03-26 Jose ReyeroSort language lists alphabetically
2007-03-19 Jose ReyeroCommitted #128617 (i18nprofile foreach error) by robert...
2007-03-19 Jose ReyeroFixed several character encoding issues, UTF8 update
2007-03-14 Jose ReyeroFixed a bug with selection modes with params.
2007-03-14 Jose ReyeroChanged default behaviour. Now, language conditions...
2007-03-14 Jose ReyeroUpdated for latest changes in views DRUPAL-5 branch
2007-03-06 Jose ReyeroFixed bug with translation links for not enabled languages
2007-03-02 Jose ReyeroFixed bug with node edit form and existing terms.
2007-03-02 Jose ReyeroAdded: translation for taxonomy fields on views table...
2007-03-01 Jose ReyeroTranslating terms on hook_nodeapi, view
2007-03-01 Jose ReyeroGot rid of some debug messages
2007-03-01 Jose ReyeroNew experimental module for taxonomy translation on...
2007-02-26 Jose ReyeroFixed issues with query language rewriting for views
2007-02-26 Jose Reyero+ Added views support (i18nviews.module)
2007-02-20 Jose ReyeroFixed #111047 - Duplicated menu items when editing...
2007-02-12 Jose ReyeroRemoved some debug code #118456
2007-02-12 Jose ReyeroReworked node translations, node built now on nodeapi...
2007-02-11 Jose Reyerotranslation.module
2007-02-10 Jose ReyeroINSTALL.txt fixed by New Oceans 5.x-1.0
2007-02-03 Jose ReyeroImplemented: language switch after user login
2007-01-29 Jose Reyero- Added language tracking in session
2007-01-13 Jose ReyeroNew feature: menu items per language
2007-01-12 Jose ReyeroUpdate to i18n-HEAD
2006-12-14 Jose ReyeroUpgrading:
2006-12-03 Jose ReyeroContinue upgrade
2006-11-30 Jose ReyeroMoved translation module into its own folder
2006-11-30 Jose ReyeroReorganizing files and folders
2006-11-30 Jose ReyeroFixed some forms
2006-11-29 Jose ReyeroStarting Drupal 5 update
2006-11-27 Jose ReyeroPorting latest changes from 4.7 branch
2006-10-19 Amnon LevavTranslation for drupall 4.7.0
2006-10-16 Jose ReyeroFixed:
2006-10-15 Jose ReyeroNew i18nprofile module to translate user profile fields...
2006-08-05 Jose ReyeroSome updates from 4.7 branch
2006-06-09 Matthieu DucheminAdd French translation by Stéphane Carpentier
2006-06-03 Jose ReyeroFixed:
2006-05-31 Jose ReyeroSome bug fixes:
2006-05-15 Jose ReyeroFixed
2006-05-14 Jose ReyeroFixed bugs:
2006-05-12 Jose ReyeroFixed again :-)
2006-05-12 Jose ReyeroReworked -and updated for 4.7- i18nblocks.module
2006-05-11 Jose ReyeroFixed:
2006-05-08 Jose ReyeroFixed -- error in pgsql update...
2006-05-07 Jose ReyeroFixed:
2006-05-07 Jose ReyeroFixed:
2006-05-06 Jose ReyeroFixed some bugs with the translation links
2006-04-27 Jose ReyeroMore updates for Drupal 4.7
2006-04-24 Jose ReyeroLots of updates for 4.7
2006-02-19 Jose ReyeroRenamed Swedish flag,
2006-01-31 Jose ReyeroLots of updates for 4.7, still WIP
2006-01-16 Robert Garrigosnew flags
2005-12-03 Jose ReyeroPatches not needed anymore
2005-12-03 Jose ReyeroUpdating for Drupal HEAD -Forms API
2005-09-09 Axel Kollmorgenchanged k-option to -kkv
2005-09-08 Alejandro ExojoAdding and updating catalan and spanish translations...
2005-08-20 Jose ReyeroUpdated for Drupal-HEAD
2005-08-01 Jose ReyeroSyncing with 4.6, to start development in sync with...
2005-05-24 MicheleFItalian translation of i18n v. 4.6 by Drupal Italia...
2005-04-24 Jose ReyeroPreparing 4.6 release
2005-04-21 Jose ReyeroFixed patch
2005-04-16 Jose ReyeroUpdated patches for 4.6
2005-04-11 Jose Reyero- Fixed bug (pgsql typo)
2005-03-28 Jose ReyeroFixed small typo
2005-03-26 Jose ReyeroRemove inc files
2005-03-26 Jose Reyero- Added some logic in query rewriting functions to...
2005-03-25 Jose ReyeroNew flags
2005-03-25 Jose ReyeroPHPTemplate variables
2005-03-21 Karoly NegyesiUpdated patches to HEAD. Changed default i18n_supported...
2005-02-04 Karoly NegyesiUpdate to HEAD