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2011-02-25 The Great Git... Stripping CVS keywords master
2009-03-14 Dan MorrisonTrying to move everything into a fresh branch, tagged...
2009-03-14 Dan Morrisonunstable. merge of three branches
2009-01-29 Dan MorrisonReplaced support for class=content when scraping generi...
2008-12-17 Dan MorrisonTIDY UP
2008-12-17 Dan MorrisonAbstracted the absorb-all-attributes func into a sub...
2008-12-16 Dan Morrisonsmall fix to ensure better validation during node creat...
2008-12-12 Dan Morrisonsmall rework for dir vs dirlist issues.
2008-12-11 Dan MorrisonStopped it creating more than one Unfiltered filter...
2008-12-10 Dan MorrisonAdded a reasonably simple test case - the css zen garde...
2008-12-10 Dan MorrisonUpdated docs
2008-12-09 Dan MorrisonAll the logic is now in this file.
2008-12-09 Dan MorrisonThis is going good.
2008-12-05 Dan MorrisonSplit contrib callbacks further back
2008-12-04 Dan MorrisonNeeded a change to the XSL site_root param that resolve...
2008-12-04 Dan MorrisonFixed up the demo screen a lot
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