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last changeSat, 19 Apr 2014 03:31:46 +0000
4 days ago RdeBoerAllow lang to be specified for server-side reverse... 7.x-1.x
9 days ago RdeBoerAdded centering style to Google API
10 days ago RdeBoerFix regression in Google centering options [#2239149]
10 days ago RdeBoerAuto-open selected marker balloons upon initial display...
2014-03-30 RdeBoerChanged defaults in ip_geoloc_generator. Add [disabled... 7.x-1.25
2014-03-30 RdeBoerAdded ip_geoloc_generator submodule.
2014-03-27 RdeBoerUse fitBounds in combination with center on visitor...
2014-03-27 RdeBoerChange 'Map Options' textfield to textarea to cater...
2014-03-27 RdeBoerAdd comments re IPv6
2014-03-27 RdeBoerAdd hook_update_N() implementation to support IPv6...
2014-03-22 RdeBoerImplement support for Font Awesome v4, while remaining...
2014-03-09 RdeBoerAdded comment about /amarkers folder to /markers/README.txt
2014-03-09 RdeBoerFix balloon display in Google maps by stripping out...
2014-03-08 RdeBoerAllow 0 and 0.0 as differentiator values
2014-03-08 RdeBoerFix to allow 'User:Roles' as differentiator [#2212657]
2014-03-06 RdeBoerChange implementation of falling back to Master page...
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