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2011-02-25 The Great Git... Stripping CVS keywords master
2010-09-09 sun#559582 by sun, Fixed installation instr...
2010-04-02 sun#758910 by fp, sun: Fixed jQuery UI download link.
2009-10-31 Thomas Zahreddingerman translation, tag DRUPAL-6--1-3
2009-10-31 Thomas Zahreddinpot, tag DRUPAL-6--1-3
2009-08-02 sun#537052 follow-up by quiptime, sun: Fixed PHPDoc.
2009-08-01 sun#537052 by sun: Updated for hook_library_alter().
2009-06-29 sunby sun: Updated for #315100.
2009-06-21 sunPreparing new release.
2009-06-21 sun#434960 by sun: Added package information.
2009-06-19 Rob Loach#315100: Change to "add callbacks" and "dependencies".
2009-06-19 Rob Loach#315100: Move to the new js_libraries API with the...
2009-06-16 sunFixing the release mess.
2009-06-16 sunFixed not-wrapped changelog entry.
2009-05-25 Rob LoachMoved back to HEAD.
2009-05-21 Rob Loach#362509 by Rob Loach, Deciphered, sun and adrinux:...
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