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2013-03-18 Klaus PurerBug #1945884 by klausi: Spelling mistake leads to the... 7.x-1.x 7.x-1.0
2012-04-11 Franck DerocheBug by DeFr: Use REQUEST_TIME instead of time() in...
2012-04-11 Franck DerocheBug #1525802 by DeFr: Fix a fatal error at the end...
2012-03-30 Franck DerocheBug #1509864 by Jake081, DeFr: Correctly defines DRUPAL...
2012-02-09 Franck Derochebug #1434492 by DeFr: Fixing a few notices in jstats_ca...
2012-01-18 mikeytown2feature #1407524 by mikeytown2, DeFr: Improve front...
2012-01-17 Franck DerocheMake the call to drupal_json_output in jstats_callback...
2012-01-17 Franck DerocheD7 Port: Fix json output in jstats_callback
2012-01-16 acrolletIssue #1407210 by acrollet: Minor D7 issues
2012-01-16 Franck DerocheTask #1404146 by DeFr: Port jStats to Drupal 7
2012-01-13 Franck DerocheTweak the phpdoc of jstats.php a bit 6.x-1.0
2012-01-13 Franck DerocheAdd a basic README covering installation
2012-01-13 Franck DerocheAdds a drush command to force stats aggregation
2012-01-12 Franck DerocheAdd the 6.x version of the module to the repository
2012-01-12 Franck DerocheInitial commit. master
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