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2008-01-30 Marco Carbone#213949 -- don't display comment rating form when comme...
2007-10-19 Marco Carbone#174644: fixed hook_forms bug by checking arguments...
2007-10-18 Marco Carbone#174644: fixed hook_forms bug by checkarguments
2007-10-13 Marco Carbone#177402: fixed missing curly braces around comments...
2007-07-10 Marco Carbonefixed cvs id type
2007-07-10 Marco Carboneadded cvs id tag
2007-07-10 Marco Carbonefixed $ type
2007-07-10 Marco CarboneDrupal 5 upgrade of karma module; rewrote javascript...
2007-07-07 Marco CarboneMoved into karma_update_comment_statistics
2007-06-18 Marco CarboneFixed typos and updated README
2007-02-23 Neil Drumm#109714 by mcarbone. fix for karma_comment_statistics...
2006-12-08 Neil DrummHackishness.
2006-12-08 Neil DrummTrack visible comment count.
2006-12-07 Neil DrummMake comment viewing settings work.
2006-11-29 Neil DrummFix the user rating calculation.
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