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2014-02-28 Pol Dell'AieraFix bug introduced in 1.80. 7.x-1.x 7.x-1.81
2014-02-26 Pol Dell'AieraRedirect properly the user if it still land on the... 7.x-1.80
2014-02-26 Pol Dell'AieraAdd the documentation for the block display.
2014-02-26 Pol Dell'AieraAdd the ability to display the Language Selection in...
2014-02-25 Pol Dell'AieraFix missing <ul> tags in template. 7.x-1.8
2014-02-25 Pol Dell'AieraFix ugly typo. 7.x-1.71
2014-02-25 Pol Dell'AieraAdd CSS classes on each link so they can be easily... 7.x-1.7
2014-02-25 Pol Dell'AieraFix the drupal_alter() function and small change in... 7.x-1.6
2014-02-25 Pol Dell'AieraLet other user knows about this module by providing...
2014-02-25 Pol Dell'AieraRefactoring of the admin page and the documentation. 7.x-1.5
2014-02-24 Pol Dell'AieraFix typo. 7.x-1.2
2014-02-24 stefan.rIssue #2118689 by stefan.r: Expose raw URLs as well... 7.x-1.1
2014-02-24 stefan.rIssue #2119463 by stefan.r: Global redirect should...
2014-02-24 stefan.rIssue #2119439 by dolu, stefan.r: Language selection...
2014-02-24 stefan.rIssue #2148107: Language selection page also running...
2014-02-24 stefan.rIssue #2148107: Language selection page also running...
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