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2013-01-01 Jordan KoplowiczUpdated credit to new company, Koplowicz & Sons 7.x-1.x 7.x-1.3
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2013-01-01 Jordan KoplowiczRemoving "duplicate" documentation
2012-12-30 Jordan Koplowiczfixed font color for both name and slogan
2012-12-24 Jordan Koplowiczventral compliance: whitespace at end of line
2012-12-24 Jordan KoplowiczMore Ventral compliance
2012-12-24 Jordan KoplowiczMore ventral compliance:
2012-12-24 Jordan KoplowiczAdded documentation and instructions on how to use...
2012-12-24 Jordan KoplowiczDefault settings now include a Google webfont in settin...
2012-12-24 Jordan Koplowicz- fixed body text width
2012-12-24 Jordan Koplowicz- Removed empty folders for extra javascript and templates.
2012-12-24 Jordan KoplowiczRemoved unecessary css files (most of them) - they...
2012-12-21 Jordan KoplowiczThere are a lot of commits for doxygen compliance.
2012-12-21 Jordan Koplowiczremoved blank line at end of template.php
2012-12-21 Jordan Koplowiczremoved extra blank line for doxygen
2012-12-21 Jordan Koplowiczadded parameter types to doxygen
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