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last changeThu, 2 Oct 2008 18:37:46 +0000
2008-10-02 Brandon BergrenRemove location_views because it's built in now. master
2008-08-18 Brandon BergrenFix hardcoding of 'us'. Reported by nicholasThompson... 6.x-3.0-test3
2008-08-06 Brandon BergrenRip out the notion of "supported countries." With the...
2008-07-25 Brandon BergrenMore views 2 work.
2008-07-24 Brandon BergrenFix some more arguments stupidity. It's still not worki... 5.x-3.0-test1
2008-07-24 Brandon BergrenFix stupid old pasto that was preventing "unknown"...
2008-07-24 Brandon BergrenRepair the default views.
2008-07-24 Brandon BergrenRemove a bunch of duplication by cloning the location...
2008-07-23 Brandon BergrenAttempt to move the additional stuff into the main...
2008-07-23 Brandon BergrenMake location_views suck less.
2008-07-07 Brandon Bergren#274716 by triskelion: Fix a bunch of errors regarding...
2008-04-29 Brandon BergrenWorking province summaries! woooooot!
2008-04-29 Brandon BergrenMore misc. work.
2008-04-29 Brandon BergrenWorking on argument handlers.
2008-04-28 Brandon BergrenMore work on province and country fields.
2008-04-28 Brandon BergrenFix #213515.
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