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last changeFri, 2 May 2008 14:56:07 +0000
2008-05-02 moshe weitzmanadd readme explaining about head master
2008-05-02 moshe weitzmanPlease use the relevant branches. HEAD is not currently...
2008-05-02 moshe weitzman#192197 drupal 6 version. thanks Stuart Greenfield... 6.x-1.0
2008-01-18 moshe weitzman#158371 use CONSTANTS from IMAP extension. patch by...
2007-10-23 moshe weitzman#144402 better handling of seemingly empty emails....
2007-06-30 moshe weitzman#129877 hook_requirements. patch by chris kennedy....
2007-06-30 moshe weitzman#155719 Watchdog messages improvements. patch by dopry.
2007-06-30 moshe weitzman#155730 Add more general mime attachment parsing to...
2007-06-18 Derek Wright#152819: Module .info files should not define 'version...
2007-03-23 ChrisKennedy#129937 by Stuart Greenfield: No description in admin...
2007-03-15 ChrisKennedyPatch #115472 by me: mailbox domain should be optional...
2007-02-16 ChrisKennedyPatch #61714 by me. Fix display bug in My Account.
2007-02-01 ChrisKennedyFixed the Commands help link, which was missed in the...
2007-02-01 ChrisKennedy#106914 by me. Port to Drupal 5.
2007-01-21 moshe weitzman#111001. fix invalid css colors. fix by finley
2006-11-22 moshe weitzman#77984 Explicit check for php's IMAP extension. patch...
7 months ago 6.x-2.9
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8 months ago 7.x-2.7
8 months ago 6.x-2.6
8 months ago 7.x-2.6
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23 months ago 6.x-2.5
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5 years ago master
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