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2012-04-17 Chris BurgessIssue #1149304 as noted by roball. master
2011-02-25 The Great Git... Removing translation directories
2011-02-25 The Great Git... Stripping CVS keywords
2010-03-11 Chris Burgess#492572 - skip retrieval of menu path on front page
2010-02-04 Balogh ZoltanUpdated Hungarian translation.
2010-02-02 Chris Burgessadd check_plain() when displaying menu titles on menu_b... 6.x-1.3
2010-01-14 Chris Burgess#681836: informative errmsg for menu_breadcrumb when...
2010-01-11 Balogh ZoltanUpdated Hungarian translation
2010-01-08 Balogh ZoltanUpdated Hungarian translation
2009-12-03 Chris Burgessbecause coder.module says so 6.x-1.2
2009-12-01 Chris Burgessjweowu's code in comment 37 on [#595282]
2009-10-05 Chris Burgess#595244 by jweowu: fix misuse of hook_enable() / hook_d...
2009-08-30 Chris Burgess#344449 by gorbeia: double-escaped strings causing...
2009-08-30 Chris Burgess#303247 by jweowu, darioarg, webrascal: menu breadcrumb...
2009-02-10 Balint Csuthyby Domokos Endre Janos: Hungarian translation
2008-02-20 Geoffrey de... Corrected typo in description in the other project... 6.x-1.1
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