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2013-08-13 Stuart Clark#2062859: Added support for the Variable module. 7.x-2.x
2013-08-12 Stuart Clark#2062505: Fixed issue with undefined index 'path'.
2013-08-10 Stuart Clark7.x-2.1 release. 7.x-2.1
2013-08-10 Stuart Clark#2038089: Fixed issue when processed variables are...
2013-01-25 Stuart ClarkAdded Mobile Codes Blocks system.
2013-01-23 Stuart Clark#1855186: Fixed 6.x-1.x to 7.x-2.x upgrade path.
2013-01-23 Stuart Clark#1890988: Added Image styles integration.
2013-01-22 Stuart Clark#1743420: Fixed undefined property.
2012-08-14 Stuart Clark#1542244: Fixed flush cache issue.
2012-08-14 Stuart Clark#1666192: Fixed issue with invalid token type.
2012-06-25 Stuart ClarkImproved CTools integration.
2011-06-06 Stuart ClarkAdded another example Custom Formatter.
2011-06-06 Stuart ClarkAdded Mobile Codes tokens for Text field.
2011-06-06 Stuart ClarkAdded Custom Formatters example.
2011-05-01 Stuart ClarkFixed Field Formatters. 7.x-2.0
2011-04-30 Stuart ClarkFixed vCard module support.
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