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last changeFri, 21 Mar 2014 11:19:31 +0000
2014-03-21 kshyam.kumar1987Issue #2217673 by shyam kumar kunkala: Notice: Undefine... 7.x-3.x
2014-03-11 gitIssue #2207285 by rajeev_drupal: Mobile tools module...
2012-08-07 Mathew WinstoneUpdated default device group to include defaults for...
2012-08-07 Mathew WinstoneUpdated known issue
2012-08-07 Mathew WinstoneAdded hook_update on mobile tools to force the cache...
2012-08-07 Mathew WinstoneAdded more details to update hook
2012-08-07 Mathew WinstoneAdded update hook to warn users about required patch...
2012-08-06 Mathew WinstoneAdded server-side redirect skip functionality using...
2012-08-06 Mathew WinstoneAdded notes about session api
2012-08-06 Mathew WinstoneRedirection options working
2012-08-06 Mathew WinstoneAdded url extraction function for client-side redirection
2012-08-06 Mathew WinstoneAdded form options for redirection settings
2012-08-05 Mathew WinstoneRenamed permissions
2012-08-05 Mathew WinstoneRemoved reference to config link in .info
2012-08-05 Mathew WinstoneAdded instructions for using Browscap
2012-08-05 Mathew WinstoneAdded instructions for using Browscap
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