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2013-10-05 barrapontoIssue #2105507 by barraponto: Added Do not validate... 7.x-1.x
2013-05-17 Stefan BorchertIssue #1960666 by JoergPf: Fixed Able to safe without...
2013-03-29 Stefan BorchertIssue #1953656: check for '#type' when hiding elements
2013-03-20 DeanReillyIssue #1948110 by Dean Reilly: Fixed Users can see... 7.x-1.5
2013-01-26 Stefan BorchertIssue #1897068: control access to fields added by other...
2013-01-23 Stefan BorchertFixes issue #1895794: block with step list hidden if...
2013-01-22 Stefan BorchertIssue #1894650: add option to hide empty steps
2013-01-19 Stefan BorchertUpdated link to module installation handbook page on... 7.x-1.4
2013-01-19 Stefan BorchertIssue #1889960: updated ability to alter steps based...
2013-01-05 Stefan BorchertFixes issue #1870750: false positives in _msnf_element_...
2012-11-11 Stefan BorchertFixes issue #1804402: allow core fieldsets (e.g. "autho... 7.x-1.3
2012-10-04 Stefan BorchertFixes issue #1802296: step name is required.
2012-09-29 Stefan BorchertUpdated field UI integration to use automatically gener...
2012-09-25 Stefan BorchertFix strange bug with drupal_strlen and title element.
2012-09-25 Stefan BorchertFixed more code style issues reported by pareview.
2012-09-25 Stefan BorchertAdded README.txt and fixed issues reported by coder...
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