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2011-02-25 The Great Git... Removing translation directories master
2011-02-25 The Great Git... Stripping CVS keywords
2008-10-01 agentrickard -- #309218 fixes error in calculating collection... 5.x-3.3
2008-04-27 agentrickard-- #251891 by markhb1. Fixes logic error in mysite_view(). 5.x-3.2
2008-04-27 agentrickard-- Fixes issue with mysite-default page. 5.x-3.1
2008-04-06 agentrickard -- Finishes cleanup up of API and code style. 5.x-3.0 5.x-3.0-rc2
2008-04-01 agentrickard -- Cleans up profile settings form.
2008-02-13 Axel KollmorgenDoxygen comments: don't use @mainpage (this is reserved...
2008-02-13 agentrickard#220146 by WiSeOz. Default pages could not be removed...
2008-02-09 agentrickard#219450 by kpaul and IceCreamYou. Bug in access denied...
2008-02-08 agentrickard#219019. Feed include can produce an error if the... 5.x-3.0-rc1
2008-02-06 agentrickard #215095 by gustav. Fixes JavaScript failure on IE...
2008-01-25 agentrickard#213336. Static variable caching in mysite_get() cause...
2008-01-20 agentrickard -- #210510. Partial change to for killes... 5.x-3.0-beta3
2008-01-10 agentrickard#207524 by ajayg. The function theme_mysite_content_he...
2008-01-06 agentrickard#206721 by WiSeOz. The needs to force...
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