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last changeTue, 26 Nov 2013 14:26:23 +0000
2013-11-26 mpotterIssue #2124487 by totolearn: Cannot going Space: using... 7.x-2.x
2013-10-21 mpotterRevert "Issue #1995018 by hefox: Added Show child group...
2013-10-12 mpotterIssue #1995018 by hefox: Added Show child groups when... 7.x-2.0-alpha1
2013-10-12 mpotterIssue #2029123 by hefox, beeradb: Added Finer control...
2013-03-10 Brian SchiltInitial commit for branch 7.x-2.x that includes patch...
2011-08-07 AmitaibuCheck graph API is enabled before uusing it. 7.x-1.x
2011-08-07 AmitaibuRemove tabs.
2011-08-07 AmitaibuFix merge conflict.
2011-08-07 AmitaibuMake width of canvas a bit bigger.
2011-08-07 AmitaibuAdd API function to get hierarchy tree, that can be...
2011-08-07 AmitaibuBy bricel: Add plugin to show subgorups using Graph...
2011-08-02 AmitaibuFix call by reference.
2011-06-15 AmitaibuMinor comment fixes.
2011-03-01 Brice LenfantAdd some more testing
2011-02-28 Brice LenfantFixed php header
2011-02-28 Brice LenfantChecking if module og_access exist to view permission...
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