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2 days ago Liang Shenfix typo 7.x-2.x
2014-01-23 Tim Mundtadd workflownode as dependency as long as we dont suppo...
2014-01-23 Tim Mundtconform og_workflow_access to new workflow API and...
2014-01-11 Tim Mundtconform to new OO workflow API (mainly UI)
2013-09-25 Tim Mundtfixed some typos
2013-09-25 git#2070787: make access records specific to groups and...
2013-09-25 Tim Mundtadjust to workflow api change
2013-07-05 Liang Shenfix small typos
2013-06-13 nancywIssue #2017327 by NancyDru: Settings page doesn't say...
2013-06-13 nancywIssue #2017331 by NancyDru: Incorrect Breadcrumbs
2013-06-13 nancywIssue #2018045 by NancyDru: Coding standards and messag...
2013-05-29 Liang Shenfix
2013-05-18 Tim Mundtallow to configure strict mode and effect on groups...
2013-05-17 Tim Mundtalways allow scheduled transitions, adopt to latest...
2013-05-17 Tim Mundtrely on workflow's new ability to remove invalid states...
2013-02-28 Liang Shenfix uninstall
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