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2013-01-10 Jake Strawnupdated (working) starterkit 7.x-3.x
2013-01-10 Jake Strawnupdated main css file name to basic, as global will...
2013-01-10 Jake Strawngeneric updates to theme
2012-10-25 Jake StrawnMerge branch '7.x-3.x' of
2012-10-25 Jake Strawnmaking file management as good as it can be.
2012-10-24 Michelle Laueradd help file to be used by NodeMaker profile
2012-10-11 Jake Strawnupdated .info settings for default install.
2012-10-11 Jake Strawnupdates for css site wide.
2012-10-11 Jake Strawnupdated theme settings for isotope settings and functio...
2012-10-11 Jake Strawnupdated node templates.
2012-10-11 Jake Strawnupdating scroll to on the mobile menu.
2012-10-11 Jake Strawnfixes for the isotope settings site wide.
2012-10-11 Jake Strawnadding custom theme function for the multiple file...
2012-10-11 Jake Strawnupdated css
2012-10-05 Michelle Lauertypo
2012-10-05 Michelle Laueradd home_columns gutter
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