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2014-03-10 Yannis KarampelasUpdated Drupal core and modules to the latest versions. 7.x-1.x 7.x-1.32
2013-11-02 Yannis KarampelasUpdated modules. 7.x-1.28 7.x-1.29 7.x-1.30 7.x-1.31
2013-10-22 Yannis KarampelasUpdated modules. 7.x-1.27
2013-09-24 Yannis KarampelasUpgraded the Rules module to the latest version. 7.x-1.26
2013-09-02 Yannis KarampelasUpdated Modules and Core to the latest versions. 7.x-1.25
2013-08-03 Yannis Karampelasupdated commerce to the latest version. 7.x-1.24
2013-07-19 Yannis KarampelasUpdated pathologic. 7.x-1.23
2013-06-08 Yannis KarampelasUpdated Webform to the latest version. 7.x-1.22
2013-05-11 Yannis KarampelasUpdated Address Field Module to latest version. 7.x-1.21
2013-05-03 Yannis KarampelasUpdated to the latest module versions. 7.x-1.20
2013-04-07 Yannis KarampelasUpdated core and modules to latest versions. 7.x-1.19
2013-02-25 Yannis KarampelasUpdated token module and core to latest versions. 7.x-1.18
2013-02-21 George Mastrofixed errors when original price is not filled
2013-02-19 George Mastrotemplate.php added to fix a problem with the sidebar...
2013-02-17 Yannis Karampelasupdated modules and core to latest versions. 7.x-1.17
2013-01-08 Yannis Karampelasupdated core to version 7.18. 7.x-1.16
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