#967734 by das-peter and intoxination: Upgrade node_get_types() in wizard.
[project/panels.git] / KNOWN_ISSUES.txt
1# $Id$
3Known Issue http://drupal.org/node/191771
4 'Node' panes can have two titles or have two title areas.
5 Cause:
6 Content that comes into a pane is already formatted, and this happens
7 in theme('node'). theme('node') assumes it will be printing a title
8 most of the time. However, Panels wants the titles of panes to be
9 consistent, so it removes the title from the node to prevent your
10 node.tpl.php from printing it. The result is often an empty h2 which
11 has odd effects.
12 Solution:
13 Add an if statement to your node.tpl.php to prevent printing that h2
14 if $node->title is empty.
16Known Issue http://drupal.org/node/186454
17 Internet Explorer is really bad about making the rightmost panel
18 fall beneath the others.
19 Cause:
20 Internet explorer calculates margins and padding differntly from
21 everyone else, and this makes it entirely too easy for widths
22 to add up to greater than the amount of allotted space, despite
23 using percentage widths.
24 Solution:
25 There are two solutions to this problem:
26 1) In your theme, try to eliminate padding from the the <div>
27 that directly contains your content; you can do this by
28 adding an empty <div> inside it that surrounds the content
29 and very specifically is set to margin: 0 and padding: 0
31 2) if that doesn't work, override the widths of the panel-panel
32 divs and reduce them by 1 or 2%; usually this will give IE
33 enough space to quit pushing things around.
35Known Issue http://drupal.org/node/154351
36 TinyMCE, FCKEditor and other wysiwyg editors really blow up on Panels
37 content editing.
38 Cause:
39 The modal dialogs that Panels uses are very particular about javascript
40 and these editors are too much for them. Also, these editors get
41 cranky about complicated forms with several text areas.
42 Solution:
43 Disable these editors on all of your panels admin pages. The important
44 URLs are admin/panels/* and panels/ajax/*. More details instructions
45 may follow if someone familiar with these systems submits a patch at
46 the above drupal.org URL.
48Known Issue http://drupal.org/node/180650
49 The rounded corners style shows up as just a small graphic rather than
50 a full box around the panels as it shoujld.
51 Cause:
52 The rounded corners CSS relies on the ID for the panel, but the ID is
53 optional.
54 Solution:
55 Make sure your panel has an ID of some sort. With mini panels there is
56 no easy workaround as mini panels currently do not have IDs of their
57 own.
59Known Issue http://drupal.org/node/165745
60 You see a message similar to this:
61 Table 'drupal.panels_info' doesn't exist query: SELECT * FROM panels_info
62 WHERE path = 'front_page_new' in...
64 The important piece of information is 'panels_info'.
65 Cause:
66 The Meta Tags module (also known as nodewords.module) directly reads the
67 the panels tables and modifies its forms to add the tags. Unfortunately
68 for this module, Panels has changed *greatly* in the leap from 1.0 to
69 2.0 and the tables aren't the same. However, the nodewords module doesn't
70 yet know this. Look in the nodewords issue queue for panels patches and
71 you should find something.
73Known Issue http://drupal.org/node/153399
74 The drag and drop content UI doesn't seem to work at all under Safari.
76 Cause:
77 Safari 2 has some serious problems with the javascript code.
78 Solution:
79 Upgrade to Safari 3 if possible. If not, use an an alternative browser
80 such as Firefox or Opera.
82Known Issue http://drupal.org/node/207859
83 When using the secure pages module, the Panels administrative UI gives
84 unhelpful "An error occurred" popups when trying to add or edit content.
86 Cause:
87 The secure pages module tries to move the entire administrative section
88 of the site to HTTPS, but Panels' AJAX calls are using a path that
89 secure pages doesn't know about. When trying to make non-secure ajax calls
90 from a secure page, the browser denies the call.
91 Solution:
92 The solution is to simply add panels/* to your Secure Pages configuration.