#118954 (by slantview) respect block visibility settings
[project/panels.git] / panels.module
2007-03-15 Earl Miles#120913 (by Grugnog2) provide panels_is_panel_page...
2007-03-15 Earl Miles#110771 (by Robrecht Jacques) Save panel did on creatio...
2007-03-15 Earl Miles#120919 (by grugnog) empty content caused array error
2006-08-27 Earl MilesA fix for includes with PHP5 maybe.
2006-08-23 Earl MilesPass css_id from panel to layout properly.
2006-07-26 Earl MilesFix typo in permission name
2006-07-22 Earl MilesView content type + some minor code improvements
2006-07-22 Earl MilesFixed leftover error in layout name
2006-07-22 Earl MilesPanels module, son of dashboard. Initial commit. Thanks...