Removing translation directories
[project/panels.git] / TODO.txt
2011-02-25 The Great Git Migr... Stripping CVS keywords
2008-05-23 Sam Boyer#256092 by Pancho et. all. Added missing $Id$ tags...
2007-11-21 Earl MilesTODO list update, sort of
2007-09-12 Earl MilesA rounded corners style; moved the style settings to...
2007-09-06 Earl MilesArguments phase 2 of 3
2007-08-16 Earl MilesTODO cleanup
2007-07-08 Earl MilesOne column layout
2007-07-07 Earl MilesWould you believe...block configuration settings?!
2007-07-07 Earl MilesUpdating TODO list; minor code cleanup
2007-07-06 Earl MilesPulled panels page settings out and created a panels_co...
2007-06-19 Earl MilesNew: flexible layout maker! With very simple UI.
2007-06-11 Earl MilesSome more cleanup, minor fixes
2007-05-22 Earl MilesAllow panels to not display Drupal regions; create...
2007-04-07 Earl MilesNew javascript drag & drop; menu_rebuild on panel page...
2007-04-05 Earl MilesEdit tabs! Clear your cache!
2007-04-04 Earl MilesSome form improvements
2007-04-03 Earl MilesContext, content and arguments into the API!
2007-04-03 Earl Milescorrect problem with pid and did
2007-04-03 Earl MilesWhops, forgot to commit the throbber
2007-04-03 Earl MilesMore panels 2 checkins for testing; now we can control...
2007-03-30 Earl MilesA new batch of updates. Now with funtastic iconage.
2006-07-26 Earl MilesDocumentation updates
2006-07-22 Earl MilesPanels module, son of dashboard. Initial commit. Thanks...