2007-03-15 Earl Miles#111646 (by Robrecht Jacques) uninstall hook
2007-03-15 Earl Miles#110771 (by Robrecht Jacques) Save panel did on creatio...
2007-03-15 Earl Miles#84204 (by drewish, et al) make tables install UTF-8.
2007-03-15 Earl Miles#102572 (by yched, harriska2, cbutera, et al) -- missin...
2007-03-15 Earl Miles#120919 (by grugnog) empty content caused array error
2007-02-08 Earl MilesMissing views_load_cache in
2006-10-31 Earl MilesGPL icons, caps update 5.x-1.0
2006-10-31 Earl MilesSome 5.0 port updates
2006-10-27 Earl MilesBetter description in .info file
2006-10-27 Earl MilesCapitalization, drupal_system_listing fix (thanks moshe)
2006-10-27 Earl MilesWhoa Id forgotten to cvs add this file
2006-10-03 Earl MilesInitial 5.0 conversion
2006-09-16 Earl Milesadded a tip 4.7.x-1.0
2006-08-27 Earl MilesA fix for includes with PHP5 maybe.
2006-08-23 Earl MilesFix for broken check_markup call in
2006-08-23 Earl MilesPass css_id from panel to layout properly.
2006-08-22 Earl MilesFix clearings at end of panels.
2006-08-22 Earl MilesSome nifty Views improvements
2006-07-26 Earl MilesFix typo in permission name
2006-07-26 Earl MilesDocumentation updates
2006-07-24 Earl MilesApply some default margin to the content areas using...
2006-07-24 Earl MilesFix problem with not properly checking for...
2006-07-22 Earl MilesView content type + some minor code improvements
2006-07-22 Earl MilesFixed leftover error in layout name
2006-07-22 Earl MilesSome minimal documentation
2006-07-22 Earl MilesSome screenshots
2006-07-22 Earl MilesPanels module, son of dashboard. Initial commit. Thanks...