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2011-11-08 Allie MickaRemoving files from the master branch master
2011-11-08 Allie MickaRemoving files from the master branch
2011-05-09 vauxia#1144038 by WillHall - Pay activity table missing table... 6.x-1.1
2011-05-09 vauxiaMerge branch 'master' of
2011-05-09 vauxiaFix the count handler for views
2011-05-06 vauxiaAdd a currency() accessor to the pay_transaction class.
2011-04-21 vauxiaAdd a transaction count to views handler.
2011-04-19 vauxiaAdd a form handler selection for views. This provides...
2011-04-19 vauxiaWhen querying for a list of payment forms filtered...
2011-04-19 vauxiaAdd $activity->currency(), which relies on its transact...
2011-04-19 vauxiaUpdate handling of currency-setting. Allow users to...
2011-04-19 vauxiaAdd a set_currency() function to pay_transaction. ...
2011-04-19 vauxiaAdd a currency_list() method for payment forms. By...
2011-04-19 vauxiaRewrite pay_currency_list() so that it's not using...
2011-04-19 vauxiaAdd an available_currencies() method to pay_method...
2011-04-19 vauxiaAdd a global setting for currency selection.
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