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last changeSat, 30 Apr 2005 18:42:47 +0000
2005-04-30 Tom Dobesupdate for #21517 master
2005-04-28 adrianChange readme.
2005-04-11 adrianFixes various issues with PHPTemplate for 4.6.
2005-03-31 Tom DobesUpdate for plain-text checking changes - #18817
2005-03-26 adrianAllow designers to switch templates by modifying the...
2005-03-24 Karoly NegyesiSupport external primary and secondary links
2005-03-14 adrianClean up patch from TDobes.
2005-03-06 adrianFix primary/secondary links invalid xhtml (field is...
2005-03-04 adrianPass zebra and seqid variables to all templates by...
2005-03-04 adrianRemoved the caching of files.. as file_exists had littl...
2005-02-22 Tom Dobesfixing collision from last commit which broke node...
2005-02-21 adrianWorks on Drupal 4.6 now.
2005-01-29 Tom Dobesupdate for changes made in #13907
2004-12-22 adriancommit "incorrect attribute in primary link" fix.
2004-11-25 Tom DobesUpdate for multisite patch and removal of link_page
2004-11-23 Tom DobesUpdate for removal of node_link - #6166
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